Beautiful Creatures

What the press & trades have to say:

“In the Gothic tradition of Anne Rice, the authors evoke a dark, supernatural world in a seemingly simple town obsessed with Civil War reenactments and deeply loyal to its Confederate past. The intensity of Ethan and Lena’s need to be together is palpable, the detailed descriptions create a vivid, authentic world, and the allure of this story is the power of love. The satisfying conclusion is sure to lead directly into a sequel. Give this to fans of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight (Little, Brown, 2005) or HBO’s ‘True Blood’ series and they will devour all 600-plus pages of this teen Gothic romance.”
School Library Journal

“Smart, textured and romantic… Ethan’s wry narrative voice will resonate with readers of John Green as well as the hordes of supernatural-romance fans looking for the next book to sink their teeth into.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Garcia and Stohl’s debut is a tale of star-crossed teenage lovers entwined with history, magic, and family…But readers who like angst-filled teenage romance will be swept up by the haunting and detailed atmosphere, the conventions and strictures of Southern life, and a compelling and dimensional mythology.Publishers Weekly

“This book has it all: a creepy setting, a deadly curse, reincarnation, spells, witchcraft and voodoo, plus characters that simply will not let the reader put the book down until finished…Who could ask for more? A sequel? Please!”—VOYA

Beautiful Creatures is a delicious southern Gothic that charms you from the first page, drawing you into a dark world of magic and mystery until you emerge gasping and blinking, wondering what happened to the last few hours (and how many more you’re willing to give up). To tell too much of the plot would spoil the thrill of discovery, and believe me, you will want to uncover the secrets of this richly imagined dark fantasy on your own.” Amazon Editorial Review, Daphne Durham

“Ethan Wate has fallen into an impossible relationship with the beautiful outcast Lena Duchannes. But Lena has a secret that may prove more challenging than not fitting in at school. Combining the atmosphere of a Tennessee Williams drama and the bigotry of To Kill a Mockingbird, this gorgeously composed debut novel is a rare treat.” Indie Next Winter 09/10, Krys Tourtois, Schuler Books & Music, Lansing, MI

“This novel has been generating major Twilight-level buzz. Though Ethan may be one of the most popular guys in school, he’s eager to escape his small Southern town. But when Lena, a girl with a mysterious secret, arrives, he realizes he’s exactly where he wants to be.” Teen Vogue Dec/Jan 2009 Issue: “People Are Talking About”

“And as much as Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl’s debut novel, which was optioned by Warner Bros. on the week of its release, is about the new girl with magical powers, it’s also about Ethan’s more common struggle. That’s what sets it apart from the supernatural YA novel of the week.” MTV Hollywood Crush, Sabrina Rojas Weiss

“Beautiful Creatures,” a new, rave-reviewed, young-adult novel by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl made me very suspicious. Very suspicious that it might just be (yet) another book about vampires. I am utterly vampire-ed out. I read every word on the book jacket. I read the publicity release. I read reviews. No mention of vampires anywhere. I felt safe. I read the book. I loved it!” —The Charleston Post and Courier: “Young Adult Authors Write ‘Beautiful’ Novel”, Fran Hawk

“Here’s a story that stays with you long after you put down the book. The setting is haunting, and Lena and Ethan are supported by a rich cast of family members, friends and enemies.” Romantic Times Book Reviews Magazine – Four Stars, Whitney Kate Sullivan

“I’m a sucker for a good love story, and Beautiful Creatures was that and more. It’s like Twilight told from a guy’s perspective. And who doesn’t want to tap inside the boy brain?” —J-14 Magazine

“Ethan is bored to death with his small town of Gatlin, SC. Nothing ever happens, and everyone is the same, year in and year out. Then Lena Duchannes (think “rain”) comes to live with her uncle, the reclusive owner of Ravenwood Manor. Lena seems strangely familiar to Ethan; she has been haunting his dreams all summer. This witchy Southern gothic mixes modern spell casting with a Civil War curse. The result is the best in a large crop of supernatural romances, a suspenseful yarn in which Ethan learns that nothing, and no one, in his town is what he thought. Amazon surprised the reviewing world by naming this dark horse one of its top ten books of the year.” Library Journal, Angelina Benedetti, King Cty. Lib. Syst., WA

“Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl’s bestselling novel about magic and mystery uses a small Lowcountry town and an old plantation house as its spooky settings. Published at the end of last year, it’s already being heralded as a classic of the young adult genre.” —The Charleston City Paper – Charleston, SC, Nick Smith

“Amazon has been plugging it as similar to the Twilight books. ‘If you like Twilight, then you’ll like this,’ so to speak. And the company has also listed it as its No. 1 Best Book for Teens of 2009 and No. 5 pick on the Editor’s Top 100 list. But that kind of advertising only goes so far. If you want a true representation, look at the customer reviews for ‘Beautiful Creatures,’ which at press time averaged 4½ out of 5 stars.” The Desert News – Salt Lake City, UT, Jessica Harrington

“A hauntingly delicious dark fantasy, a cast of fascinating characters, a rich Gothic setting — this debut novel is one to watch.” —Cassandra Clare, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Mortal Instruments series

“A lush Southern gothic whose memorable, eccentric characters draw you into their captivating world.” —Holly Black, New York Times bestselling author of Tithe: A Modern Faerie Tale

“And Beautiful Creatures is a pleasure to stroll through, particularly since for me, its particular strength lies in the eccentric, quirky, sometimes secretive, and nearly always surprisingly powerful supporting characters representing a range of magical and quasi-magical traditions… Most of all, nobody who believes in the magic of libraries or archives, or genealogy should miss this book or its resident librarian, Marian Ashcroft. Fabulous is the word for this “Marian the Librarian,” especially since (as she could tell you), the root of the word “fabulous” is the Latin word “fabula”: and that means a story.” —Margaret Miles, Youth Services Librarian – New Hanover County Library, Wilmington, NC

“BEAUTIFUL CREATURES is a masterfully written tale that weaves together a story of love, the importance of family loyalty, and the difficulties of choosing between good and evil. Garcia and Stohl create a world where readers can lose themselves and be content. Readers will beg for a sequel when they reach the last page.” Teens Read Too – Five Stars, Gold Award, Karin the Librarian

“As a Librarian, I plan to place it in the hands of those students searching for the read that ‘has it all’. Mystery, Magic, Adventure, Love, Thrilling Suspense. It’s all here. Whilst Beautiful Creatures is a Level 30+ read, it is completely engaging and could very well be THAT book. THAT book that hooks a reluctant reader and transforms them into a lifelong reader.” Book Gryfinn, Tye Cattanach, High School Librarian

“The unfortunate thing about teen as a genre, though, is that the section is rife with books that awkwardly straddle the gap between child and grown-up…This is a fatal flaw in a section that experiences astounding crossover potential in audiences – as many adults read teen books as teenagers… But Beautiful Creatures doesn’t have any of these problems. Though the main action of the book is moderate enough to appease parents of the younger side of the teen audience, the book is highly intelligent, and it does something that I rarely see in literature as a whole, something utterly clever when well done – characterization as portrayed by a cultural consciousness: from the perspective of the southern gothic (ala To Kill A Mocking Bird, in Ethan) and the bohemian poetic (for Lena).” Pop Syndicate – Five Stars, Amanda Rush

“The former teen in me loved hearing from a boy’s point of view… This was partly because it did offer that glimpse into the mysterious inner workings of a teenage male (albeit a slightly censored version). But I also found it to be a fresh, empowering twist on the trope of a first romance, allowing readers (of either gender) to appreciate how attractive a strong, smart, unique girl can be both from afar and with all minor (mood shifts) and major (fatal curses) imperfections revealed.” YPulse, Meredith

“Three words; unique, epic & addictive… The atmosphere of these book was incredible. I had this insatiable craving for grits and sweet tea. It really was like you were there, Garcia and Stohl cover even the smallest of details. Characterization was phenomenal. These characters were fantastically portrayed, three dimensional, I had very strong feelings toward each and every one of them and that’s something that doesn’t happen often. Something that’s not evident a lot in YA fiction, is family involvement. The parents or guardians are always in the back ground, there, but not there. Beautiful Creatures has a lot of family involvement, which I loved.” The Story Siren – Five Stars, Kristi

“This is a lushly written Southern Gothic tale, with family and town secrets, and teens discovering that the world is not what they thought it was. It’s not just finding out that the supernatural is real; it’s learning that trusted adults have kept secrets. And then trying to figure out what to do about it; and trying to take charge of your future when everyone is telling you that future is set in stone.” A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy, Liz Burns

“Together, Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia have pulled off an amazing, epically long and engaging novel that will engross readers from the very first chapter. Their writing style is packed with details, and straightforward, which works well with Ethan as the narrator. His voice is authentic and the change of view is a refreshing variation from the multitudes of female voices clamoring for attention in YA books today.” The Compulsive Reader, Tirzah

“Beautiful Creatures is a must read for 2009! I don’t know if I can express how much I love this book and give it its proper due in a few paragraphs. Beautiful Creatures is one of those books that you want to absorb every moment until it’s been engraved in your head. When I got down to the final pages I didn’t want the story to end because then I had to accept the inevitable – The Ending.” Fantastic Book Review 5 Stars, Tina

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