February 7th, 2012, 2pm

“Beautiful Creatures” Casting News – Ethan & Lena Have Been Cast!

More Breaking Movie News—Ethan & Lena are Cast!

We just found out who will be playing Ethan Wate and Lena Duchannes  in the Beautiful Creatures movie, and wanted you to be the first to know!

* Cue Drum Roll *

“Ethan” – Jack O’Connell


“Lena” – Alice Englert

Tell us what you think…

But we are over the moon!  We love them so much!!!

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70 comments on ““Beautiful Creatures” Casting News – Ethan & Lena Have Been Cast!

  1. Roberta says:

    I can grow to love them, but it’s not exactly what I pictured. Excited for the movie though. :)

  2. Rai says:

    i was hoping for Emily Browning to play Lena..

  3. Justine H. says:

    :O JACK O’CONNELL FROM SKINS! Ahhhhh, a British guy! This is going to be so exciting!!!

  4. -_-
    I don’t know either… T_T my hopes… T_T anyway, I hope they do both Ethan and Lena justice!! That girl has to rock BIG TIME! we all love the characters too much to forgive them if they don’t!!
    Congrats again you guys! I simply cannot wait for the rest to be cast…say like LINK!!! ~swoons~

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  6. Jessica says:

    I think you picked a perfect ethan,
    but i think you should put Lucy Hale as Lena.

  7. Jersey121 says:

    they look a little old for the parts…

  8. Renee says:

    THIS IS PERFECTION!!!!!!!1 Can’t wait for the movie!

  9. Joyousreads says:



  10. Jessica N says:

    YAY! So excited for you guys and I’m super excited about this movie! Jack is exactly how I picture Ethan in my head. Perfect! :-)

  11. One word – OMG!!! <—is that one for you? LOL Congratulations to you "twin" authors!!!

  12. Brittani says:

    Can you guys found out who’s gonna be playing Link?

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  14. ale says:

    He is not ethan!!!
    Logan Lerman was perfect he looks too old …
    lena is also wrong in my opinion …..

  15. Brooke Foreman says:

    Oh My God ……….. Cook from Skins (Jack O’connell) is Amazing prop my favorite character out off all 6 series of Skins He will be amazing not sure on what I will think of him being the nice guy as he was the bad boy in Skins:P Can’t wait !!!!!!

  16. Gibran says:

    Hi! Im from Mexico city. I love this series. About this guy for playing my beloved Ethan Wate… Well i picture hin in a different way, the girl maybe is right. I hope you guys hace another options!

  17. Melina says:

    I can die happy now!

  18. Hannah says:

    Well I guess I’ll have to deal with it but I was praying Logan Lerman would be Ethan.

  19. Oh, yes! Perfect choices!

  20. May says:

    I love Jack O’Connell !

  21. Halee says:

    My teacher made me read these books and I was like “Oh god, this looks boring…”. But then I got to reading and could NOT put it down! The characters for Lena and Ethan weren’t what I expected, but who doesn’t like surprises? I can’t wait to see these movies! I’m just curious by when it’ll be out…?

  22. Courtney says:

    Not what I had in mode but of they play the chAracters well then I’ll love!!! Grow to love them if they live up to the roles… not to put presser on them at all. Just saying. Also they are close to what I had in mind.

  23. Feenadeiah says:

    well twilight, meet your rival :P wonder who plays for Ridley and Link ^^ <3 i cant wait for see this! so excited!!!! hoping it will be as good as the book.

  24. Taylor says:

    Very excited to see how they are going to do this film. I have no idea, if these actors will be good, but I trust the casting director’s judgement.

  25. Amanda says:

    Its not really what I had in mind… It could be worse :/

  26. Ridley Duchannes says:

    well… ethan, allright… but that girl is NOT lina! she doesnt even have black hair!

  27. Nicole says:

    This is disheartening. Seriously, are there no good american actors that can play these roles. There are better actors than these if we have to go the English route. How in the world is O Conelle going to pull off a southern accent when he’s from Derby! I loved Jack O in skins and Emma Thompson is an amazing actor, but it just doesn’t fit. I would have even been okay if by some miracle Chloe Moretz would play Lena. Aussie Callan McAuliffe would have done a good job too. These “kids” are too old looking, despite Alice being 17. Most of all I was hoping for some promising “beautiful” people. If Ridley is not some ridiculously hot girl, I’m going to blow a fuse. My last hope is Link and the confederate daughters

  28. Lindsey says:

    Lena is supposed to have black hair!!!

  29. Jess Jaramillo says:

    I’m just going to say this: I love Ethan and Lena so much and I wish no I am expecting this two actors can pull it off because if they ruin it I’m going to be so disappointed. I’ll still love the books though, and i’m willing to give them a chance :)

  30. msstlove says:

    I pictured lucy hale as lena…bout i guess these two will work well…but when is it coming out…im actually dying! i cant wait any longer

  31. I don’t know them, but they fit well into the characters! so excited!

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  33. Frank says:

    I think Alice Englert has the perfect awkwardness that Lena’s character gives to the readers if you picture her with the black hair and green eyes. As for Ethan I do think it is best you put Nicholas D’Agosto. He has a younger look when his hair is long, plus he has the image of the cool, lead basketball player that Ethan is while Jack O’connell looks older than 16.

  34. Frank says:

    I also was reading some of the other comments and it got me thinking that Emily Browning would suit the perfect part for Ridley (considering suckerpunch as an example).

  35. amberleeann996 says:

    Well I kinda like this pick. i was kind of hoping to have people that we dont know so it will be a fresh movie. and not have a different role in our heads of another actor.

  36. Candicewrites says:

    I dont really feel they would fit the characters,especially since Jack is british, I just think the characters should be close as the ones described in the book. I think Logan Lerman and Danielle Campbell would do them better..but i just hope they do them JUSTICE!:))

  37. Jessie says:

    I think thomas dekker should have played ethan and Britt Robertson for lena

  38. Rebekah Brinkley says:

    I love the casting!(: I think that they were both wonderful choices and obviously whomever plays Lena has to wear contacts, her eyes are new colors in each book! Haha. But I really hope they dye Alice’s hair! I don’t see why they wouldn’t. If not, I’ll be sad :(

  39. Watson says:

    I like the guy the chose for Ethan…. But for Lena I picture a Gothic beauty, but I am sure they can turn her into that! so honestly I’m pretty pleased!

  40. leena says:

    I love the series and can’t wait for the next book.however the actors i dont feel the same . Alice will have to wear a black wig and green and gold contacts to have my aproval. and ethan could never be worse.I imagined Ethan NOT BRITISH. i think that the actors suck and that has to be better actors for the jobs than them. im disappointed.

  41. Andrea says:

    Well, well, well… who doesn’t like a surprise?
    This is gonna be amazing!!!
    Btw is such a great choice. I heart Jack & Alice!

  42. Cat says:

    This is not how I pictured the characters….”Ethan” is okay but a bit old looking. And “Lena” just doesn’t work at all she looks too old and doesn’t have the right kind of beauty for Lena, could we have gotten a character that mildly resembled the character? Something out of the black hair, curls, or green eyes? I mean I love the books but I hope this doesn’t ruin the whole hype like it did with another certain series that got so much attention and love then the movies tanked and screwed it all up.

  43. Aimee says:

    Being a huge Jack O’Connell fan I’m pleased with the choice for Ethan. He is such a talented actor and I’m sure he’ll pull off an american accent just fine. Never heard of Alice Englert before so I’m not going to judge. They’ll probably dye her hair to make her look more the part though.

  44. Masooma says:

    i’m sorry but a British guy playing Ethan, a guy from south Carolina really?? and isn’t Lena suppose to have black hair, okay forget the hair aren’t they a little too old to play the role of Ethan and Lena? I’m not saying that their awful for the role its just that this is one of my favorite book series and i really want the movie to do justice to the book. BUT whatever it is i’m really looking forward to the movie. :)

  45. Courtney says:

    Yeah i recommet and say other than the hair color diff. with Alice, which she could die black, the age diff. between the book Is annoying, cause they kinda somewhat look old for the ages in the first book. And how in the world ,like above, would Jack act with a southern accent???

  46. Courtney says:

    Sorry i ment jack look kinda old for the part

  47. Belkis says:

    i think they’re okay. not what i imagined, but they’ll do fine. if the movie is as good as the book i will watch it.

  48. Dim says:

    Is it weird that I’m completely happy and over the moon about this casting? Guys….CALM DOWN. Not everything is going to be the same and you should NEVER expect book to movie adaptations to be the same. That’s like hoping for snow in August. In Africa. In the Sahara Desert. They’re both BRITISH and since I’m a serious Angliophile, I am ecstatic!

  49. Tamara says:

    Why are you guys giving suggestions for other people to portray Ethan and Lena? It’s kind of already been decided, so it’s a lost battle. Have you SEEN them act? They’re brilliant and physical attributes don’t really matter, possibly except for Lena’s green eyes. But there’s always contacts.

  50. Olivia says:

    The actors are not exactly of what I had in mind but I am really looking forward to the movie though!:)

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