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2009 – Beautiful Creatures

Launch Party @ Diesel (Brentwood, CA) 12/1/09

Party at Ashly's (Brentwood, CA) 12/2/2009

Borders (Northridge, CA) 12/3/09

Launch Event (Salt Lake City, UT) 12/4/2009

Mysterious Galaxy (San Diego, CA) 12/05/09

Party in Brentwood, CA 12/06/09

2010 – Beautiful Creatures

Blue Bicycle Books (Charleston, SC) 1/11/10

Barnes & Noble (Cary, NC) 1/19/10

Joseph-Beth Books (Charlotte, NC) 1/20/10

Third Place Books (Lake Forest Park, WA) 1/21/10

Borders (Marietta, GA) 1/22/10

Barnes and Noble (Alpharetta, GA) 1/23/10

Live at 9 (Memphis, TN) 1/25/10

Drake & Zeke in the Morning Radio (Memphis, TN) 1/26/10

Square Books Jr. (Oxford, MS) 1/26/10

Colliersville Library (Memphis, TN) 1/27/10

Lemuria Bookstore (Jackson, MS) 1/28/10


University Bookstore (Mill Creek, WA) 2/22/10

Borders (Schaumberg, IL) 2/23/10

Anderson's Bookstore (Downers Grove, IL) 2/23/10

Books Inc. (Palo Alto, CA) 2/25/10

Copperfield's Bookstore (Santa Rosa, CA) 2/26/10

2010 – Beautiful Creatures – France

Paris, France (5/6-8/2010)
Virgin Megastore (France) 5/6/10

2010 – Beautiful Creatures – Spain

Madrid, Spain (5/9-10/2010)
Barcelona, Spain (5/11/2010)

Events - Beautiful Darkness

2010 – Beautiful Darkness

Launch Party – St. Louis, MO (10/12/10)
Book People (Austin, TX) 10/15/10
Poisoned Pen (Scottsdale, AZ) 10/15/10
Texas Book Festival (Austin, TX) 10/16/10
Twig Bookshop (San Antonio, TX) 10/17/10
Boulder Bookstore (Boulder, CO) 10/18/10
Tattered Cover (Highlands Ranch, CO) 10/19/10
Barnes & Noble (West Jordan, UT) 10/20/10
King's English (Salt Lake City, UT) 10/21/10

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