Foreign Publishers

Beautiful Creatures – in 50 Countries & 39 Languages

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers – Canada (and US)

Bookcover: US Bookcover: US
Release Date: December 1, 2009

Penguin Group – UK, Australia & New Zealand

Bookcover: UK, Australia and New Zealand Bookcover: UK, Australia and New Zealand

Release Date: February 2010

Hachette Books – France

Bookcover: France Bookcover: France
Release Date: January 2010

CBT (Bertelsmann)- Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland

Bookcover: Germany Bookcover: Germany
Release Date: August 2010

Mondadori – Italy

Bookcover: Italy Bookcover: Italy
Release Date: March 16, 2010

Wydawnictwo Lynski Kamien – Poland

Bookcover: Poland Bookcover: Poland
Release Date: May 2010

Grup 62 – Catalan

Bookcover: Catalan Bookcover: Catalan
Release Date: May 2010

Book Innovation Company Limited – Thailand

Bookcover: Thailand Bookcover: Thailand
Release Date: March 2010

Platypus Publications – Greece

Bookcover: Greece Bookcover: Greece
Release Date: May 5, 2010

The House of Books – Holland

Bookcover: Holland Bookcover: Holland
Release Date: July 2010

Kragozor – Bulgaria

Bookcover: Bulgaria Bookcover: Bulgaria
Release Date: July 2010

Epsilon Yayinlari – Turkey

Bookcover: Turkey Bookcover: Turkey
Release Date: August 2010

Edições Gailivro – Portugal

Bookcover: Portugal
Release Date: Sept 7th 2010

Record – Brazil

Bookcover: Brazil Bookcover: Brazil

Random House – Korea

Bookcover: Korea

Matar Publishing House – Israel

Eksmo – Russia

Sharp Point (Complex Chinese Characters) – Taiwan

Bookcover: Taiwan

Bejing Booky Company (Simple Chinese Characters) – China

Könyvmolykepz – Hungary

Bookcover: Hungary

Euromedia Group – Czech Republic

Bookcover: Czech Republic

Ikar – Slovakia

Bookcover: Slovakia

Tapanaev – Estonia

Laguna – Serbia

Naklada Ljevak – Croatia

Bookcover: Croatia

PT Gramedia – Indonesia

Bookcover: Indonesia

BUYBOOK Publishing – Bosnia, Herzegovina & Sarajevo

Alma Littera – Lithuania

Bookcover: Lithuania

Zvaigzne ABC – Latvia

Bookcover: Latvia Bookcover: Latvia

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