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March 15th, 2011

The Official Enthralled Cover

We are so proud to share the official cover of ENTHRALLED, the first anthology that will include short stories by each of us. The anthology is edited by Melissa Marr & Kelley Armstrong, with short stories from lots of our favorite authors. The release date is September 20, 2011.

EnthralledPB cvr des2-4

Read more on Melissa Marr’s blog HERE.

Stories Include:

Giovanni’s Farewell by Claudia Gray
Scenic Route by Carrie Ryan
IV League by Margaret Stohl
Red Run by Kami Garcia
Things About Love by Jackson Pearce
Niederwald by Rachel Vincent
—  by Melissa Marr
Facing Facts by Kelley Armstrong
Let’s Get This Undead Show on the Road by Sarah Rees Brennan
Bridge by Jeri Smith-Ready
Skin Contact by Kimberly Derting
Leaving by Ally Condie
At the Late Night, Double Feature, Picture Show by Jessica Verday
Gargouille by Mary E. Pearson
The Third Kind by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Automatic by Rachel Caine


September 27th, 2010

Smart Chicks Tour at Joseph-Beth Booksellers – Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati & Joseph-Beth gave the Smart Chicks a warm welcome! Hundreds of readers came out to see us, and we recognized a lot of faces from Dayton. Thanks so much to everyone who came out two nights in a row. There were lots of familiar faces — Alice Pope from SCWBI, author Christine Johnson (CLAIR DE LUNE), Susan from Wastepaper Prose &  many more. The booksellers at Joseph-Beth were dolls & the store was decked out with Smart Chicks posters, fliers & displays. Jeri Smith-Ready (SHADE) joined was the new Smart Chick at this stop, but she didn’t miss a beat. Guessing Jen Barnes’ age won a reader a Smart Chicks T-shirt, but readers had a few cool tees of their own, like: “Moms love YA too.”

It was Kami’s last night with the Chicks & she wasn’t ready to leave. We’re both hoping one of the Chicks will pack us up, and take us home in their suitcase. We’ll moss you ladies!


Kami with the Smart Chicks Event Poster


Margie Holding the Poster


The Display of Our Books

Swag Giveaway-sm

Tossing Swag to the Crowd


The Signing Table


Jeri Smith-Ready & Jennifer Lynn Barnes


Kami, Margie, Melissa Marr & Kelley Armstrong Signing


A Signed E-Reader Case


Kami, Margie & Alice Pope


Melissa Marr & Chelsea


Kami, Margie & Susan from Wastepaper Prose


Readers with the Smart Chicks T-Shirts They Made


A Teacher Brought This Message from a Student


Moms Do Love YA

Moms Love YA Too-sm

Kami Signing the Coolest T-Shirt Ever


Regan & Her BD Dog Tags & Locket Like Genevieve’s from BEAUTIFUL CREATURES


Alyson Noel, Jeri Smith-Ready, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Melissa Marr, Kelley Armstrong, Margaret Stohl, Kami Garcia & Some of Our Blogger Friends


September 25th, 2010

Smart Chicks Tour at Books & Co: At the Greene – Dayton, OH

The Smart Chicks hit Dayton with Margie added to the line-up. She is half the fun, right? We finally got to meet Jen Barnes, who is a sweetheart and has written more than seven books already. And there was LOTS of news in Dayton!

Melissa Marr announced her movie news – WICKED LOVELY has a director.  Kelley Armstrong is extending her YA series! THE GATHERING is up next & we can’t wait. Alyson Noel’s RADIANCE spent its 3rd week on the NYT & USA Today Bestseller lists. Jackson Pearce sold her first contemporary YA novel, PURITY, to Little, Brown. Jen Barnes just turned in the revisions on the sequel to RAISED BY WOLVES, titled TRIAL BY FIRE. And the BEAUTIFUL CREATURES paperback is out, with preview chapters of BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS in the back! BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS hits shelves on October 12th & we’ll be in St. Louis to celebrate!


Poster of the Smart Chicks


Jackson Pearce & Melissa Marr


Jackson Pearce, Melissa Marr, Kelley Armstrong, Alyson Noel & Jennifer Lynn Barnes


Margie & Melissa Tossing Swag


Jackson Pearce, Kelley Armstrong, Melissa Marr, Alyson Noel, Jennifer Lynn Barnes & Kami


The Crowd


Jackson Pearce, Melissa Marr & Kelley Armstrong Talking to Fans

Margie Crowd-sm

Q & A


Jennifer Lynn Barnes Talking to a Fan

{Photos by Susan Robertson of Wastepaper Prose. Used with permission.}

Watch Smart Chick Jackson Pearce’s video:

September 25th, 2010

Smart Chicks Tour at Mysterious Galaxy – San Diego, CA

The Smart Chicks Tour hit San Diego and Mysterious Galaxy, one of our favorite indies! Things were predictably wild with the addition of Zombie-loving Carrie Ryan, who we adore. But that’s what makes the Smart Chicks Tour so much fun — we LOVE the authors we’re touring with. Some of us were already close, but we also love all the new Chicks we’ve met.

It’s like one big party every time we hang out, whether we’re eating lunch or shopping for steampunk jewelry, talking about writing or changing hotels because of suspiciously wet carpet. These women are funny and smart and talented, and they have become our friends.

The feedback we are getting from readers is also incredible. Not only are hundreds of people coming out for the events, but some are driving 8-10 hours to make it to a stop. As one reader said, “How often can you see this many of your favorite authors at one bookstore?”

We’ve been thinking the same thing.


Margie & Rachel Caine Showing Some BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS Love


The Crowd


Mary Pearson, Melissa Marr, Kelley Armstrong & Alyson Noel


Carrie Ryan, with a Crochet Zombie Given to Her By a Reader


Alyson Noel, Kami & Margie – What did Kami say that was so funny?


Carrie Ryan, Rachel Vincent & Mary Pearson


Smart Chicks Swag & a Rachel Vincent MY SOUL TO TAKE T-Shirt


Kami Signing a Copy of BEAUTIFUL CREATURES


Kami & Margie Signing

{Photos by Vania Stoyanova, VLC Photo, unless noted. Used with permission from the Smart Chicks Kick It tour.}

September 23rd, 2010

Smart Chicks Tour at Vroman’s – Pasadena, CA

Everyone knows how much we love Vroman’s! It’s our home turf, but all the Smart Chicks felt right at home. We hung out with the adorable Chandra Rooney, from Indigo Chapters; compared boots; attempted to incite a peaceful-book-loving riot at our first outdoor venue; gave away LOTS of stuff & signed some skin (details below). There were over 350 people by the end of the night, and we closed down the store. For every picture we show you, there are ten shots we missed — usually the ones involving us shopping for “baby heads” (not real ones) at Gold Bug, eating lunch in our pajamas, or generally behaving badly (PG-13 of course).

This tour has been more fun than we could have imagined, and we will be so sad when it’s all over. But we have to run. We’re in Cincinnati, getting ready to wander around in  search of Starbucks! See you tonight Dayton!!

So if you are close to Dayton (or Cincinnati tomorrow night) and you want to meet some wild chicks (and wildly talented) & get your skin signed, win some COOL swag, or play “Marry, Shag, Cliff” — stop by and see us!


The Smart Chicks Before the Event (from left to right) Rachel Caine, Alyson Noel, Margaret Stohl, Melissa de la Cruz, Kami Garcia, Melissa Marr, Kelley Armstrong, Rachel Vincent & Mary Pearson


Kelley Armstrong & Melissa Marr


Rachel Vincent


Margie Taking Charge of the Lightning Round


Melissa de la Cruz, Melissa Marr & Kelley Armstrong Signing


Kami & Margie with Erin from & Little Lauren from Twilight Facebook


Mary Pearson Chatting with a Fan


Rachel Vincent and Khy from the Frenetic Reader


Margie & Kami with Khy


Alyson Noel Signing


Rachel Caine and Alyson Noel Talking with Fans


Melissa de la Cruz & Melissa Marr


Kelley Armstrong with Fans


Jennifer, a fan of BEAUTIFUL CREATURES made her own version of Lena’s necklace which was so amazing!


Jake, aka “The Boy Who Wanted His Skin Signed” asked all the authors to sign his stomach and, of course, the Smart Chicks did just that. We swear this was not our idea, but we give readers what they want (and Mary Pearson started it)!


Kami with Super Fan, Jake


Check Out Alyson Noel!


Yvette & Vania (The Official Smart Chicks Photographer)

{Photos by Vania Stoyanova, VLC Photo, unless noted. Used with permission from the Smart Chicks Kick It tour.}

September 21st, 2010

Smart Chicks Tour at Kepler’s – Menlo Park, CA

The ladies from Kepler’s set up an amazing event at the Menlo Park Library.  The fans were so welcoming that you would’ve thought they had been handpicked.  Kelley, our Master of Ceremonies, hyped up the crowd with giveaways and our new feature (compliments of Sarah Rees Brennan) “Marry, Shag, Cliff.”  The readers had no trouble deciding who they would marry, shag (for everyone under sixteen that means kiss), and throw off a cliff from the series of their choice.  Melissa Marr stunned the crowd, as usual, by giving away an advanced copy of the final novel in the Wicked Lovely series, DARKEST MERCY.  Margie took over for Holly Black as our Lightning Round facilitator.  It was really amusing to watch her run up and down the aisles in her 3-inch booties.

All the Chicks were overwhelmed by the fans and fellow YA authors that came out to see us, and we miss Menlo Park already.

If you want to keep up with all of the antics from the Smart Chicks Tour, follow the hashtag #smartchicks on Twitter.  And you’ll see the taxidermy beaver wearing a princess crown that Kami desperately wanted to buy for her house, and a brand new approach to author’s signing (hint: it didn’t include paper or an actual book).

Stay tuned for the post from last night’s appearance at Vroman’s, in LA, and be sure to come out and see the Chicks tonight in San Diego!


The SoCal Girls: Melissa de la Cruz, Margie, Kami & Alyson Noel

(c. Kami Garcia)


The Ring Shot

(c. Kami Garcia)


Melissa de la Cruz


Kimberly Derting


Melissa Marr & Kelley Armstrong


Alyson Noel


The crowd


Smart Chicks Signing


Kami & Margie


A Reader’s Personal Version of Lena’s Necklace from BEAUTIFUL CREATURES

(c. Kami Garcia)


Kelley Armstrong signing Kepler’s Smart Chicks Poster


Melissa Marr Signing


Alyson Noel


Kimberly Derting


Kami & Margie, with Janica & Donna from Twilight Moms


Kimberly Derting, Melissa De La Cruz & the Twilight Moms


Showing Off Smart Chicks and Beautiful Creatures Swag


Zoe and Her Cute Pink Hair


YA Author Heidi Kling (SEA), Vania (our Official Smart Chicks Photographer & a pretty smart chick) and Kimberly Derting


Angela (right), from Kepler’s Who Treated Us Like Queens

{Photos by Vania Stoyanova, VLC Photo, unless noted. Used with permission from the Smart Chicks Kick It tour.}

Watch Smart Chick Jackson’s Pearce’s Video:


September 18th, 2010

Smart Chicks Houston, TX: Blue Willow Books

Blue Willow hosted Smart Chicks at the Refuge, and it was EPIC!  The set up was so cool — a huge screen with photos of our books & us looping over and over.  So many reviewers & tweeps in attendance!  Jeff & Jeremy West helped shoot video & pack up BC swag, while Vania (VLC Photo), the official Smart Chicks photographer, snapped pictures of all the action!  There were hundreds of people there to see us.  We miss them already.  Catch up with us tomorrow night at the Menlo Park Library hosted by Keplers!


Kelley & Melissa with the Smart Chicks Event Poster (c. Kami Garcia, 2010)


The Ladies from Blue Willow with Margie, Kelley, Melissa & Kami (c. Kami Garcia, 2010)


The Crowd  (c. Kami Garcia, 2010)


Melissa, Kelley, Alyson. Holly & Sarah

(Photo by Vania Stoyanova, VLC Photo. Used with permission from the Smart Chicks Kick It tour.


Alyson & Holly

(Photo by Vania Stoyanova, VLC Photo. Used with permission from the Smart Chicks Kick It tour.


Kami, Margie, Melissa, Alyson, Holly, Sarah & Cassie

(Photo by Vania Stoyanova, VLC Photo. Used with permission from the Smart Chicks Kick It tour.


Melissa Giving Away an ARC of DARKEST MERCY

(Photo by Vania Stoyanova, VLC Photo. Used with permission from the Smart Chicks Kick It tour.


Holly, Sarah & Cassie

(Photos by Vania Stoyanova, VLC Photo. Used with permission from the Smart Chicks Kick It tour.


MI Examiner


Kami Signing   (c. Kami Garcia, 2010)


The Line    (c. Kami Garcia, 2010)


BEAUTIFUL CREATURES ARCs, Smart Chicks Event Posters & BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS Dog Tags     (c. Kami Garcia, 2010)

Watch Smart Chick Jackson Pearce’s Video:


September 15th, 2010

Smart Chicks Tour at Barnes & Noble – The Woodlands, TX

It was our first day on the Smart Chicks Tour, and it was AMAZING!  We hung out with some of our favorite writers: Melissa Marr, Kelley Armstrong, Holly Black, Cassandra Clare, Rachel Vincent, and Alyson Noel — ate lunch at a restaurant in our pajamas (there’s video), met a Mundie baby, some of our favorite bloggers, and over 400 readers!

We don’t want to give away too many secrets, but Melissa did give away an ARC of DARKEST MERCY, Holly & Rachel did stand on the table, and Kelley Armstrong did tell a secret…

We didn’t have time to get all the pictures from our camera tonight, but we’ll post more tomorrow! And tomorrow we’ll be at Blue Willow in Houston (off-site venue).

Check out for info, free downloadable posters, bookmarks & the link to buy T-shirts!


(left to right) Rachel, Kami, Holyl & Cassie Interviewing with Girls in the Stacks

Photo by Vania Stoyanova, VLC Photo. Used with permission from the Smart Chicks Kick It tour.


Most Enthusiastic

Photo by Vania Stoyanova, VLC Photo. Used with permission from the Smart Chicks Kick It tour.


Holly & Kami   (c. Kami Garcia, 2010)


Margie & Alyson  (c. Kami Garcia, 2010)


Rachel & Kelley  (c. Kami Garcia, 2010)


One Side of the Crowd

Photo by Vania Stoyanova, VLC Photo. Used with permission from the Smart Chicks Kick It tour.


Holly, Melissa, Alyson, Kelley, Kami & Margie    (c. Kami Garcia, 2010)


Melissa & Alyson Cracking Up

Photo by Vania Stoyanova, VLC Photo. Used with permission from the Smart Chicks Kick It tour.


Cassie, Rachel, Holly, Melissa, Alyson & Kelley    (c. Kami Garcia, 2010)


Kami & Margie    (c. Kami Garcia, 2010)



Photo by Vania Stoyanova, VLC Photo. Used with permission from the Smart Chicks Kick It tour.


Kami Signing a Nook   (c. Kami Garcia, 2010)


Melissa Marr’s Gorgeous Bookmarks

Photo by Vania Stoyanova, VLC Photo. Used with permission from the Smart Chicks Kick It tour.


Kami & Margie with Steph Pellegrin   (c. Kami Garcia, 2010)


Jeff & Jeremy with Rachel Vincent’s MY SOUL TO TAKE T-Shirt


Kami & Cassie

Photo by Vania Stoyanova, VLC Photo. Used with permission from the Smart Chicks Kick It tour.


Cassie’s Poll of Readers’ Favorite Characters    (c. Kami Garcia, 2010)

Watch Smart Chick Jackson Pearce’s Video:


February 28th, 2010

Beautiful Creatures Tour: Copperfield’s Books in Santa Rosa, CA

Our last stop on the second leg of our tour was Copperfield’s Books, and it was a great place to finish. We saw so many old friends (even some of Kami’s former students), made new ones, and finally met bloggers and authors we’re been talking to online for what seems like forever!


We loved this poster so much, that Amanda from Copperfield’s offered to send us each one.


Donna Hale, from Twilight Moms, made us this GORGEOUS cake. She even used edible markers! Donna and Janicca drove in from Sacramento to see us & we’re so glad they did.


The cake was so incredible. We almost died when Donna suggested we cut it!


Before the event, we grabbed a snack with our friend Gabriel Paul, who designs all the contests for our tours, and authors Daisy Whitney (THE MOCKINGBIRDS, Fall 2010) & Cheryl Herbsman (BREATHING).


Amanda, from Copperfield’s Books, is not only an amazing bookseller & event coordinator – she is also starting a teaching career. The kids in her class will be really lucky.


Our friend, Gabriel Paul from Marketing Books in the Digital Age, designed the Beautiful Creatures Scavenger Hunt during the Southern leg of our tour & readers raced to win Lena’s necklace. During this leg, Gabriel designed a series of challenges involving some of our favorite urban fantasy authors & their novels: Melissa Marr, Holly Black, Cassandra Clare, Maggie Stiefvater, Sarah Rees Brennan & Diana Peterfreund. The Beautiful Creatures Unlock the Curse Contest is STILL GOING ON until March 5th! It’s not too late to win Genevieve’s locket.


Signing and stamping.


Zoe from Zoe’s Book Reviews


Zoe introduced us & made us feel like rock stars. We may have to take her on all our tours.



Kami Reading


We had a great crowd. Maybe they heard about Donna’s cake.



It was sad to say goodbye to Northern California and all our friends, but we hope to see you all again soon.

February 22nd, 2010

Unlock the Curse Contest: How to Play and Rules

Click here to find out how to play and read all the rules.

Beautiful Creatures

The Novels

Dangerous Creatures

The Novels

By Kami Garcia

The Legion Series

By Margaret Stohl

Icons Series